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Thank for visiting my travel blog for Germany!

Thanks for visiting my travel blog for Germany! Please share this link with friends near and far...

I have enjoyed sharing the amazing Goethe-Institut Transatlantic Outreach Program adventure with you. I hope you also have enjoyed the photos! I have added videos and more photos for your enjoyment!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Goethe Institut and TOP - share the joy!

Thanks, Goethe Institut and TOP, for sharing my blog far and wide. I love seeing from where my visitors hail on this map!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I am so glad I have friends who live and work in Leipzig! The city has amazing history and culture, and I was able to partake in both with great success.

I was so happy to meet up with Susanne and Jurgen again, and they treated me with such hospitality and it made the sojourn extra special.

After arriving, Susanne and I took in the Museum der Runde Ecke – the exhibition on the Stasi’s activities in the Leipzig area from 1950 through the Peaceful Revolution of Fall 1989.

The exhibits were set up within two years of the collapse of the DDR and the Stasi, and there is an atmosphere of urgency to remember and document the sordid treatment of fellow citizens.

We also viewed the “Wie sind das Volk” exhibit focusing on the “Peaceful Revolution” for which Leipzig is well known.

The Peaceful Revolution using candles and prayers began in 1981 to protest the anticipated deployment of cruise missiles in West and East Germany. The focus expanded in 1982 to include free elections. The citizens met every Monday at 5pm to pray and light candles.

By 1988, the numbers of citizens involved in the prayerful protest grew. They began to demonstrate Kein Gewalt (without violence) and march to the Stasi headquarters to state their demands. By October 1989, tens of thousands participated each Monday, and as the weeks progressed, more and more people joined the peaceful demonstrations. By late October, the numbers grew to several hundred thousand.

The participants also of the destruction of the “Reichspogromnacht” – Kristallnacht – 50 years later. The numbers neared 250,000, and the marchers took to the streets that ring the city center, the main focus again was the Stasi Headquarters and the demands were for Democracy, Free Elections, and non-violence.

They purposely chose to carry candles, one hand to hold the taper and the other to protect the flame, to clearly show they held no weapons and their intentions were non-violent. The exhibit was so inspiring and uplifting and I am so glad to attended the museum.

We also took coffee at the Kaffe Baum and Coffee museum! Delicious coffee and interesting exhibits on the history of coffee in general, and especially on the role coffee played in Leipzig’s history and culture.

More walking through the beautiful streets and Hofs - warehouses and passageways for markets in earlier decades and centuries.

Later we dined in the same cellar cafe where Goethe ate and included the location for a scene from Faust.  Anbed visited Thomaskirche where Bach was the music master, as well as Nikolaikirche where the Peaceful Revolution met for prayers each Monday.
We also visited the denkmal - memorial to the Battle of the Nations in which Napoleon was defeated after his retreat from Moscow.  It is a large and stark memorial.
I enjoyed the time in Leipzig and will definitely return for more history, culture and my dear friends!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Mainz, St. Goar and the Rhine River boat tour - our final day of TOP!

More Mainz, St. Goar and the Rhine River tour photos are at

Our final day of the TOP study tour took us to Mainz for a visit to the STIFTUNG LESEN, a foundation for the promotion of reading.

The representatives of the program shared with us the vision and examples of the successful program.

A school group was also visiting the library and we joined them for some reading and conversation.

The foundation focuses on encouraging pleasure in reading to promote literacy skills. The youngsters enjoyed the reading morning and seemed keen on asking us many questions about our lives and teaching.

We also had time to visit the Dom and the GUTENBERG MUSEUM DER STADT MAINZ, the World Museum of Printing.

We had the opportunity to see two of the original Gutenberg bibles, and that is always a treat.

We had lunch in the Mainz old town which was in the middle of a festival with many foods and beverages to satisfy all visitors.

We proceeded by bus to St. Goar to take the boat tour to Bingen.

We had a few minutes to enjoy St. Goar which is a quaint small town on the Rhine River.

The boat ride was lovely, and the weather was sunny and warm.

We took in the views of "world-famous rocky outcrops, steep vineyards, quaint little towns, formidable fortresses and the Lorelei, all symbols of a legendary, turbulent past."

As you can see, many photo opportunities!

We shared the Farewell dinner at WEINGUT KRUGER-RUMPF Vineyard restaurant near Bingen, and the food and company were wonderful.

The study tour has been a fantastic experience.

I don't want it to end...

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Frankfurt day one

This morning, we visited with the representatives from DEUTSCHE BANK AG, one of the supporters of the TOP study tour.  We learned about the green building renovations to their headquarters.
We viewed a film, had a discussion with Frau Corinna Fernando, Communications Deutsche Bank about Deutsche Bank's role as a global player.

We also met with Ms. Edith PĆ¼rschel, Head of Brand and Corporate Citizenship Strategy to discuss Corporate Social Responsibility at Deutsche Bank.

We also visited the DEUTSCHER FUSSBALL-BUND German Football Association to hear about the plans underway for the Women’s World Cup 2011. 
We learned about current developments in German women’s football and promoting young talent.



We also hope to have time to tour the old parts of the city and take in some of the fine musuems in Frankfurt.

All of us offered to return next June/July 2011 for the FIFA Women's World Cup!

Off to enjoy the city with an information tour of Frankfurt with sightseeing and shopping for some of us!